Campground Rules

Campground Rules

Vail’s Point Campground is open to all Military and DND/CBO employees and guest. Persons wishing to camp at Vail's Point Campsite must comply with the following regulations.

  1. Be a currently active member of either Regular or Reserve components of the CF, a member in good standing of the LFCA TC Rod & Gun Club, or an Authorized employee of CBO and its sub-contractors.
  2. Fees, (other than Seasonal Siteholders) are $10.00 per night, per site. Fees must be paid in advance to the Campsite Director Mr. Rod Kennaway (see below for numbers).
  3. All Temporary campers must report in at Range Control, Building M-201, not before 1200 hrs and no later than 2200 hrs/10:00 PM on the day of arrival. Persons arriving after that time will be denied access by the Duty Commissionaire. Check out time for Campers is 1200 hrs on the day of departure.
  4. Upon arrival, campers are required to provide either their R&G Club Membership card, or for non-members a valid Military or other applicable ID card.
  5. Any member having a Guest visitor to their campsite must meet those guests at Range Control and escort them to the campground. Guests are not allowed to remain at the campsite once the member has departed. If a seasonal or other registered camper allows another Club member to use their campsite, notice must be given to the Campsite Director within a minimum of 3 days in advance of the date. Notice will then be given to the Duty Commissionaire of that permission. There is to be no swimming or fishing off the boat ramp or dock.
  6. No sunbathing on the dock. This is what the beach is for.
  7. There is no parking of boats, trucks and trailers, at the side of the Boat House. When launching your boat you can park your truck and trailer there until you are done fishing then it must be moved back to your site.
  8. A draw for campsites will be taken every year. This will be done after the General Meeting in March.
  9. Seasonal Campsites must be paid in full by June 30th or you will lose your campsite.
  10. Dogs are not allowed to run free - they must be on a leash at all times. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. If this is not done, let the Camp Director know. It will be brought to the Executive's attention and will be dealt with.
  11. All Trailers must be out no later than the weekend after Thanksgiving. The only thing left at your campsite should be the wood pile stacked nice and neat, your picnic table and your fire ring. This will be checked out by Range Control and if not left the way stated above, you will be dealt with accordingly.
  12. If you are leaving to go to Mountain Lake do not use Hogsback, until you have permission from Range Control. Please use the red phone to call ahead to get permission.
  13. Never by pass a closed gate or barricade.
  14. As you know there will be no Drinking and Driving or speeding on the Base - 40 kph MAX., 20 kph. when passing troops. You will be dealt with as you would with by any other Police Force. MPs will be in full force.
  15. There will be no ATV's, Go Carts, Mini Bikes, and Motorize Bikes.
  16. ATV's will only be allowed when there is a work party and authorized by Range Control.
  17. Noise: All loud music must be turned down at 11:00 pm, due to young children sleeping and your neighbor’s piece of mind.
  18. Any instructions or directions provided by Range Control will be followed. Failure to do so may result in IMMEDIATE removal from the campground.
  19. There will be no using chainsaws without wearing the proper safety equipment.
  20. As ordered by the RCO and Base Fire Chief, there will be absolutely no setting off of fireworks at Vail's Point.

Boundary for Movement

1. West of Vail's Point road to flag pole.

2. No movement south of campground (trail to Sucker Creek out of bounds).

3. No movement west of beach.

Access Times

Access will NOT be allowed to anyone arriving at Range Control later that 2200hrs/10:00 PM. Once at the campsite, except for emergencies, travel from the campsite to base is NOT authorized after 2200 hrs/10:00 PM or before first light. All exceptions must be authorized by Range Control.

Campground Contacts

To Reserve a Campsite contact the Campground Directors:

Darren Schihl: 519-387-7366
Rob Young: 519-934-0688

Reservations can be made in advance or Open Sites are first-come first-served on Fridays. See Darren at site #18 or Rob at site #32.